Senin, 08 September 2014

this is for you my robin :)

kalo pernah nonton film how i met your mother pasti tau deh siapa Robin Scherbatsky, kalau menurut saya robin itu cinta sejatinya ted mosby i mean ted will do anything for robin no matter how hard it is, like i said he will do anything.. pernah sekali ted mencuri blue french horn dari sebuah restoran buat robin. atau nyari liontin robin yang hilang waktu robin mau nikah sama si barney... thats sick right? i mean most people wont even come to her/his ex wedding its just hard right? but ted? he help barney to find robin pendant so she and barney could get married.

abis nonton season 9 season terakhir dari how i met your mother, gw banyak belajar tentang ketulusan dari si Ted. well i think no one can love someone better more than Ted love robin. way to go ted ahahahha
so after i watch the last episode of HIMYM im started to think this is exactly what i should do when i love someone. never ending love...
one of my ex once told me "we are not live in a movie, so grow up and live the reality" the fact is i will do like ted do at least the best i can do... ill prove you and ill prove the world too... :)
ever since ted love robin... ah no, it will become "ever since tian love his robin" yes its you :)

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