Rabu, 01 Desember 2010

Between superman, kryptonite and louis

          We all know who superman is, the mighty superhero who can fly like a plane faster than a train, but do u know what is kryptonite and who lois lane is? Hmmm first lets talk about kryptonite, kryptonite is a green rock or crystal (I don’t know exactly :p) which can make superman weaker than a normal human being, in other word it will make superman powerless (OMG buy some Viagra superman :p) in superman comic book or in the movie the villain always trying to defeat superman and u know what they use?? And yes u’re all right a “kryptonite”


          In other side, here come lois lane a pretty young girl and again a reporter (why its always a reporter azzzzzz). In superman story like in other super heroes story lois always being saved by superman, till superman fall for her. and here it goes lois lane become superman eternal love. (so sweet right??)

          What im going to tell u is, its not just about superman and his story its about how superman story represented our life (sounds boring ryt hehehe). So here we go, sometimes in our real life we meet a people who make us fall for her or him so bad. And no matter how hard we try we cant make them ours, sometimes we cant even get close to them ( I mean just to get close to them for godsake XD) in other words they broke our heart very bad. And the worst is its not happen once they can broke our heart again and again its seems like they put ur heart in plate and crush it over and over again until nothing is left ( that’s bad L). A people like that for what they do we should call them a “kryptonite” coz I don’t know why they can make us weak. (ask it to urself :p)
          So who is lois lane in real life?? Lois lane in our real life is a people who can make you weak but somehow they can make u stronger than you used to be. They make you have a strength to carry on, they make u smile, make u laugh and the best of all is they can make you face ur “kryptonite” without being weaked by them. (in superman stories when lois lane is in danger superman can defeat his enemy eventhough the enemy is using a kryptonite).
          So in the end I just want to tell you, when u meet somebody and u can feel that they are your “kryptonite”, just LEAVE them (believe me in this) continue ur life keep on moving and  u can Find ur “lois lane”, once u find ur “lois lane” don’t waste them, coz u knew theyre the one who u can DIE for.